How to configure the AE Title(s) of the Archive

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You may change the default AE Title(s) of the Archive: DCM4CHEE, DCM4CHEE_ADMIN, DCM4CHEE_TRASH by either:

  • create a LDIF file (e.g.):

    version: 1
    # LDIF for modifying the AE Title of the Archive
    # Adjust Base DN (dc=dc=dcm4che,dc=org), Device name (dcm4chee-arc), previous AE Title (DCM4CHEE),
    # new AE Title (MY_AE) before import it into the LDAP server
    dn: dicomAETitle=DCM4CHEE,dicomDeviceName=dcm4chee-arc,cn=Devices,cn=DICOM Configuration,dc=dcm4che,dc=org
    changetype: modify
    newrdn: dicomAETitle=MY_AE
    deleteoldrdn: 1
    newsuperior: dicomDeviceName=dcm4chee-arc,cn=Devices,cn=DICOM Configuration,dc=dcm4che,dc=org

    and import it to the LDAP Server by using the ldapmodify command line utility.

  • or use the Rename Entry... function of Apache Directory Studio.

You should also rename the corresponding entry in the Unique AE Titles Registry (e.g.):

dn: dicomAETitle=DCM4CHEE,cn=Unique AE Titles Registry,cn=DICOM Configuration,dc=dcm4che,dc=org
changetype: moddn
newrdn: dicomAETitle=MY_AE
deleteoldrdn: 1
newsuperior: cn=Unique AE Titles Registry,cn=DICOM Configuration,dc=dcm4che,dc=org

and change the corresponding Retrieve AE Title in configured Storage Systems (e.g.):

dn: dcmStorageID=fs1,dicomDeviceName=dcm4chee-arc,cn=Devices,cn=DICOM Configuration,dc=dcm4che,dc=org
changetype: modify
delete: dcmRetrieveAET
dcmRetrieveAET: DCM4CHEE
add: dcmRetrieveAET
dcmRetrieveAET: MY_AE