How to restrict C MOVE destinations

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One can use this feature if your application needs to restrict C-MOVE Destinations to a configurable list of AE Titles for each Archive AE.


You may either

  • create a LDIF file (e.g.):

    version: 1
    dn: dicomAETitle=DCM4CHEE,dicomDeviceName=dcm4chee-arc,cn=Devices,cn=DICOM Configuration,dc=dcm4che,dc=org
    changetype: modify
    add: dcmAcceptedMoveDestination
    dcmAcceptedMoveDestination: STORESCP1
    dcmAcceptedMoveDestination: STORESCP2

    and import it to the LDAP Server by using the ldapmodify command line utility.

  • or use the Add Attribute... and Add Value... function of Apache Directory Studio to add attributes on Application Entity level (e.g.: dicomAETitle=DCM4CHEE) in the Archive Configuration.

One may refer to Archive Network AE to understand the description of attributes.

Note :

  • Ensure that devices are configured for these accepted move destinations.


One can test this feature using the dcm4che tools as shown below :

  1. Start the storescp tool with AE title as STORESCP1

       storescp -b STORESCP1:<portNo>
  2. Use the movescu tool to send studies to this destination.

       movescu -c DCM4CHEE@localhost:11112 -m StudyInstanceUID=<studyUID> --dest STORESCP1
  3. Verify the objects at the destination. Also in the log snippets of movescu and storescp tool windows, one can see the response status as status=0H