How to run MESA Report Repository Tests

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MESA Report Repository Tests


MESA Configuration

Adjust entries for Application Entity Title, host and port of DCM4CHEE in the MESA test configuration $MESA_TARGET/mesa_tests/rad/actors/rpt_repos/rptrepos_test.cfg

     # These entries describe the system under test
     # dcm4chee-host is the hostname or ip where the docker is running
     TEST_REPOSITORY_HOST = dcm4chee-host

DCM4CHEE Configuration

Refer the page How to configure the AE Title(s) of the Archive and create the ldif files for MESA actors REPORT_ARCHIVE and WORKSTATION1.

The AE title, host name and port numbers for the above MESA actors are specified in the link : in the Configuration section

Report Repository Tests

Refer the link above and complete the Report Repository Tests : 801, 802, 804, 811