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A cognitive surveillance solution deployed via to RaspberryPi based on dockmotion which is a Dockerization of a surveillance solution: Motion

The deliverable can be deployed using to any RaspberryPi2/3 with attached Playstation3 Eye camera (via USB cable).

Modifications have been made to the [dockmotion] repository to address considerations for operational semantics, e.g. requiring motion(1) to NOT run in daemon mode to keep the "application" ( terminology) active.

Environment variables control various aspects of operation:

These environment variables are defined for the application:

WEBCONTROL_PORT (default: 8080) STREAM_PORT (default: 8081)

For the device (e.g. TIMEZONE).

TIMEZONE (default: America/Los_Angeles) MOTION_PIXELS (default: 640x480) MOTION_THRESHOLD (default: 1500) MOTION_EVENT_GAP (default: 10) MOTION_TIMELAPSE (default: unset)

VISUAL_USERNAME (default: none) VISUAL_PASSWORD (default: none) VISUAL_URL (default: none)

ALCHEMY_API_KEY (default: none) ALCHEMY_API_KEY_AM (default: none) ALCHEMY_API_KEY_PM (default: none) ALCHEMY_API_URL (default: none)

Quick Start

  1. Copy this repository to your local GIT directory using the desktop GitHub application
  2. Setup
    • Create application (team setup TBD)
    • Configure and download image to flash RaspberryPi (n.b. note selection of WiFi to specify SSID and password)
    • Wait for device to come on-line (...)
    • Define application and device environment variables
  3. Add resin as "push" target for repository git remote add resin <your_resinid><your_resinid>/ageathome.git
  4. Push master to resin git push resin master


There are many types of hook can be set in Motion. For instance, dockmotion just provides an e-mail notification script as the on_event_end hook. Please dig into motion.conf and define your own hooks.


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