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🏠 - ambianic add-on

This Home Assistant add-on utilizes the Ambianic project to detect and classify entity(s) in images. More information about this addon.


This addon is built for the following architectures and available in Docker Hub.

How to Use

Install using the Home Assistant addon store; add this repository to your store and select the ambianic addon.


The Ambianic addon has the following configuration options (see for more information:


Sources for sensors which can be consumed, e.g. an RTSP feed from a web camera.


TensorFlow Lite models which may be executed using CPU only or in conjunction with a Google Coral accelerator.


Pipelines define a sequential series of actions which are grouped together.


Actions are specific functions performed, e.g. detect

Changelog & Releases

Releases are based on Semantic Versioning, and use the format of MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH. In a nutshell, the version will be incremented based on the following:

  • MAJOR: Incompatible or major changes.
  • MINOR: Backwards-compatible new features and enhancements.
  • PATCH: Backwards-compatible bugfixes and package updates.

Authors & contributors

David C Martin (