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Planning Committee logo

Handbook: Table of Contents
Governing Board committees: Membership & FinanceNominations & Bylaws
Technical Board committees: UsageStandards & LiaisonsCommunity SpecificationsInfrastructure Advisory Committee (IAC)
Advisory Board committees: Conferences & MeetingsEducation & Outreach
Management: ExecutiveDirectorate


Committee Charge

The Education & Outreach Committee determines policies and procedures and develops the master planning calendar for DCMI education and training, user best practice documentation, and outreach activities. The Committee actively identifies potential areas for development and delivery of education and training in support of innovative metadata design and best practice and develops user documentation and other types of published resources supporting learners and teachers and trainers. The Committee develops educational programs including tutorials, workshops, online "how-to" recipes and webinars and is responsible for recruiting chairs to organize educational programs. The Committee manages DCMI's outreach through website announcements and social media channels.

Current Activities


  • Ana Alice Baptista, Co-Chair (University of Minho, Portugal)
  • Michael Crandall, Co-Chair (University of Washington, Seattle, USA)
  • Jane Greenberg (Drexel University, USA)
  • Lorna Campbell (Cetis and EDINA, UK)
  • Salvador Sanchez (Alcalá University, Spain)

Scope, Work & Reporting


Key DCMI Handbook Pages

  1. Webinars
  1. Policies

Committee Resources

Scratchpad (Committee Chairs only)

DCMI Handbook

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