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Host Guidelines

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This page was last modified on 25 September 2014, at 12:18.
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Updated: 29 April 2013

Regional Conference/Meeting: Outline of Responsibilities and Guidelines

[¶1] Introduction

Each year, DCMI endorses a limited number of regional meetings that advance the role of metadata at the regional level. This document provides guidelines regarding the main responsibilities of the Regional/Local Host organization(s) (the Host) planning a regional meeting endorsed by DCMI. As guidelines, the following paragraphs are not intended to state "rules", but points of departure for discussion where circumstances dictate that other outcomes should prevail.

DCMI's goal is to support select regional meetings addressing best practice in metadata design and use and to provide long-term open access to meeting assets through the DCMI Open Conference System (OCS).

The format of DCMI regional conferences and meetings includes, but is not limited to, seminars, workshops, tutorials, conference (and un-conference)-style meetings, hackfests or any combination of forms. The duration of such regional conferences and meetings can range from one to many days.

[¶2] Selection of Endorsed Meetings

The decision to endorse and support a regional DCMI meeting is based on the following factors:

  1. The existence of a local host organization able and willing to be responsible for:
  • local planning for venue and any associated services (e.g., catering),
  • financial arrangements and management,
  • meeting any need for advance payment for local services,
  • handling any payments of regional taxes (e.g., VAT) from registration or other funding sources,
  • communication with the DCMI Directorate in planning DCMI support.
  1. A meeting agenda that directly addresses matters within the metadata ecology and the mission of DCMI;
  2. The meeting has a high likelihood of stimulating broad and significant community interest; and
  3. The availability of sufficient support capacity within DCMI.

All factors being equal, the Conferences & Meetings Committee will give endorsement priority to a meeting to be held in the jurisdiction territory of a DCMI Regional Member.

Actual selection of regional meetings for DCMI endorsement and support will be made by the Conferences & Meetings Committee in consultation with DCMI Executive Committee following procedures determined from time-to-time.

[¶3] Web Presence

DCMI owns and maintains it's own Global Conference and Meeting website at that uses Public Knowledge Project's Open Conference System application (OCS). The OCS provides DCMI with the means for permanently maintaining open access to assets of its regional and international meetings and conferences. The OCS provides the following for regional meetings:

  • Conference/meeting website;
  • (Optional) Peer review system;
  • (Optional) Registration system with payment facilities through a PayPal plugin that can be linked directly to the Host PayPal account;
  • Event promotion through DCMI communication channels.

The Host is responsible for providing information to DCMI in a timely manner that relates to the venue such as address and travel directions, and any suggested accommodation options. As part of its services, DCMI maintains the conference website and provides administrative system access to the Chair of the Local Planning Committee (and others as required). Information from the Regional Host to be placed on the website will be submitted in basic HTML mark-up.

[¶4] Proceedings Publication

The assets of the regional conference or meeting (i.e., papers, presentations etc.) are permanently archived, indexed and available online and are published solely in digital form by DCMI. DCMI makes the proceedings freely available online prior to the closing of the meeting or conference. Proceedings distributed in any form at the meeting are the sole responsibility of the Regional Host.

[¶5] Language

Unlike the DCMI annual International Conference, their are no language constraints on regional meetings.

[¶6] Cost

DCMI does not underwrite or provide direct financial support for regional meetings and conferences. In lieu of direct financial support to regional meetings and conferences, DCMI's contribution consists of DCMI personnel committed to development of the meeting website on the OCS, optional registration/payment technical facilities through the OCS, long-term preservation of conference assets on the DCMI OCS, and promotion of the event through DCMI communication channels. The Host is entirely responsible for achieving a balance between cost and revenue.

To partially cover DCMI's ongoing costs of providing services and long-term access to meeting assets, DCMI is compensated by the Host in a negotiated sum not to exceed US$2,500 based on anticipated conference fees or other funding sources and potential attendance. DCMI will invoice the Host for the fee within 30 days after the close of the meeting.

[¶7] Payment Facilities

Where the conference or meeting involves fee-based registration of participants, the Host is responsible for providing online and on-site payment facilities for secure credit card payments. Possibilities for payment by bank transfer and on-site cash payments should be considered.

Optionally, DCMI's OCS system can accommodate online registration services with built-in support for PayPal (including major credit cards) that can be directly linked to a Regional Host PayPal account. Exercise of the DCMI PayPal option requires Regional Host PayPal setup a minimum of 6 weeks in advance of the opening of registration. When online pre-conference registration is provided, onsite registration facilities at the time of the conference or meeting are the responsibility of the Host.

The OCS does not interface with external membership applications. Therefore, while registration categories can be designated for specific membership categories the system does cannot verify such memberships. The OCS can provide registration reports as frequently as necessary to check registrations against other membership lists.

[¶8] Timetable

A mutually satisfactory timetable for announcements, any calls for participation, paper submission dates, and other meeting schedules will be developed by the Host prior to DCMI's endorsement of the meeting and commitment of resources.

[¶9] Affiliate Member Regions

DCMI endorsement of a regional meeting within the territorial jurisdiction of a DCMI Affiliate Member is contingent on the approval of that Member at the beginning of the meeting planning process. The Member determines whether it would also like to be included as "endorsing" the meeting.

[¶10] Promotion

DCMI will promote the regional meeting through its website, social media channels, and its listserv announcements. Regional promotion is the obligation of the Host. In all promotional materials, DCMI will be characterized as "endorsing" the regional meeting as opposed to "sponsoring" or "hosting" the meeting. Where the regional meeting takes place within the territorial jurisdictional of a DCMI Regional Member organization, the Host must work with the Member in planning the meeting to guarantee that appropriate Member attribution is provided.

[¶11] Other Issues

Any other issue not covered in these guidelines should be addressed in consultation between the Host and DCMI Directorate.