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Committee Charge

The Community Specifications Committee develops and applies policies and procedures for the orderly recognition and publication of DCMI Community Specifications developed through broad community consensus and demonstrating best practices in design and execution. The Committee actively supports the stakeholder community and works with DCMI Communities and Task Groups, as well as appropriate DCMI members and stakeholder organizations, in development of new specifications and vocabularies and their possible publication as DCMI Community Specifications with accompanying best practice documentation. In addition, the Committee is responsible for managing the criteria and process for listing a third-party resource on the website as a DCMI Community Resource.


  • Valentine Charles, Co-Chair
  • Stuart Sutton, Co-Chair
  • Others, TBA

Scope, Work & Reporting

  • Scope: Community-developed specifications, vocabularies, and best practices guidelines in support of resource description. Task Groups of the Committee may publish a DCMI Community Specification (application profile, RDF vocabulary, or metadata usage guidelines) in accordance with the following criteria that: (open for discussion as of February 2014)

    • membership in the group be open to interested members of the public;
    • the Community Specification be vetted and approved in open discussion using a JISCMAIL list and or (see, for example, the DCMI Collection Description Community[1]);
    • principles and processes for development and work product be published as Development Guidelines for DCMI Community Resources; and
    • resources published outside of Technical Board processes may be designated as DCMI Community Resources at the discretion of the DCMI Community Specification Committee and in accordance with published criteria (to be determined).
  • Reporting: The Community Specification Committee Chairs report to the Technical Board Chairs in a manner set out in the Board Policies & Procedures.

Current Activities


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