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Standards Committee logo

Handbook: Table of Contents
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Technical Board committees: UsageStandards & LiaisonsCommunity SpecificationsInfrastructure Advisory Committee (IAC)
Advisory Board committees: Conferences & MeetingsEducation & Outreach
Management: ExecutiveDirectorate


Committee Charge

The Standards Committee manages DCMI's activities as an "ISO liaison organization" and shepherds DCMI through the periodic review and renewal of the existing ISO and ANSI/NISO standards. The Committee maintains and publishes the calendar of necessary activities within the Initiative for timely review of existing standards and the creation of new standards. The Committee works closely with the other Committees of the Technical Board in the processes of review and revision of standards embodying DCMI specifications such as ISO Standard 15836 and ANSI/NISO Standard Z39.85. The Committee initiates and manages the community stakeholder engagement necessary to the effective representation of community interests in the deliberations of relevant standards bodies.


Leif Andresen, The Royal Library, Denmark (Representative: ISO)
Tom Baker, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea (Representative: W3C; Liaison: Friend of a Friend (FOAF))
Dan Brickley, Developer Advocate, Google (Liaison: Friend of a Friend (FOAF))
Juha Hakala, National Library of Finland (ISO)
Diane Hillmann, Metadata Management Associates (Liaison: Committee on Cataloging: Description & Access (CC:DA))
John Kunze, California Digital Library (Liaison: Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF))

Scope, Work & Reporting

  • (TBD) Extended description of the jurisdiction, key activities and responsibilities of the Board
  • Reporting: The Standards Committee Chair reports to the Technical Board Chair in a manner set out in the Board Policies & Procedures

Liaison Activity

  • ISO 15836
  • ANSI/NISO Z39.85


Key DCMI Handbook Pages

Committee Resources

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Scratchpad (Committee Chairs (Private)

DCMI Handbook

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