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DCMI Vocabulary Management Community

This is an archived MediaWiki page.
This page was last modified on 7 Feburary 2014, at 11:29.
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2011-10-28: This community was activated 2011-10-20. Diane 
Hillmann (proposer) has been named Interim Moderator to assist the new community 
in identifying co-chairs.


DCMI Vocabulary Management Community

Proposer: Diane Hillmann

Chair: to be determined (volunteers welcome!)

Community Homepage:

To join the community list, go to:

The DCMI Vocabulary Management Community is a forum and collaboration space for those interested in defining and documenting best practices for vocabularies, providing guidance for new practitioners, and promoting responsible change management. In addition, the Community will address design and quality issues in vocabularies and mappings in a modern Semantic Web environment.


  • The Meeting Notes for the Community meeting in Lisbon have been posted. Several Task Groups are coming together to manage ongoing work in specific areas.

  • The Agenda for the Community meeting in Lisbon has been posted. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 5, 14:30-16:00. The meeting will be followed by the meeting of the Bibliographic Metadata Task Group. I hope we'll see many of you there!

  • The VocDay workshop in Lisbon is shaping up nicely. More details of the program can be found on the [ DCMI 2013 website] as we as on this wiki at the link at the head of the announcement. At a further date, we'll be distributing materials on each of the workshop topics for those potential attendees who want to prepare for the workshop, as well as for those who cannot attend.

  • A new short-term cooperative project between the federated repository of semantic assets hosted on and the Open Metadata Registry (OMR) has been initiated and is in active development. The focus of the project is to determine whether and how the current OMR vocabulary descriptions can be used effectively within the Service Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS). The ADMS/OMR Project will operate in public, and welcomes comment from the DCMI Vocabulary Management Community.

  • In preparation for DC-2013 in Lisbon, Portugal, the Community has begun to discuss a proposal for a full-day session in Lisbon. Community members and others interested in participating in the session are urged to look over the proposal and make comments or suggestions on the community list.

  • The DCMI Vocabulary Management Community held its inaugural Meeting in London on April 26, 2012, in conjunction with the DCMI Bibliographic Metadata Task Group. The meetings were followed on April 27 by a seminar examining the impact of the London Meeting of 2007, which brought DCMI and the Joint Steering Committee for the Development of RDA (JSC) together to build the RDA Vocabularies. The full announcement of the meetings and the agenda for the 4/26/12 meeting are available. Recordings of both days are in the editing process and will be announced as they become available.

Ongoing Activities

Wiki pages for discussion of the three topics of interest identified at the Inaugural meeting are in process:

Related activities

As part of the inaugural meeting planning, a small group organized by Mike Lauruhn is discussing issues around multilingual vocabularies. The group has put up a wiki page to support this activity which carries some links to standards of interest as well as reports of their telecons. The group led discussions at the inaugural meeting of the Community.

See also the Vocabulary Management System Task Group, a joint task group of the Architecture Forum and Registry Community tasked with (1) develop evaluation criteria for a DCMI vocabulary management system (VMS) that will meet current and future needs of DCMI; (2) assess existing candidate VMS applications based on the developed criteria; and (3) report its analysis to the Oversight Committee and Advisory Board along with its recommendation of one or two viable VMS candidates for replacing the current DCMI vocabulary management environment. The TG will also propose a community-driven approach to transition from the current to a new environment in light of its recommendations.


Where We Started

Diane Hillmann, Interim Moderator

DCMI Vocabulary Maintenance Officer