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This is an archived MediaWiki page.
This page was last modified on 29 April 2014, at 18:29.
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DCMI Libraries Application Profile Task Group

  • Task Leader: Stefanie Rühle
  • Status: This group is currently active
  • Date created: 2006-12-12
  • Objective: To finalise the DC Libraries application profile (DC-Lib) and submit it to the Usage Board for review and registration.


The purpose of the DCMI Libraries Application Profile Task Group is to finalise the DCMI Libraries Application Profile, taking into account latest best practice and the agreements reached at the meeting in October 2007.

Work Plan

The Task Group is working on a new version of the Application Profile since August 2009. Current draft is the DC-Library Application Profile for Bibliographic Text Resources (revision Nov. 2010).

Next Steps:

  • discuss the two new terms with the Usage Board
  • Interlinking with the examples of the new draft of UsingDC
  • Call for Comments

Timeline: The DCLib AP for Bibliographic Text Resources will be published in August/September 2011.

Latest version of DC Libraries Application Profile (DC-Lib)

See the latest version of DC-Lib, which supersedes the draft of 2004.

DC-Lib is a draft application profile that proposes how to use the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set in libraries and library-related applications and projects. It was originally prepared by the DCMI-Libraries Application Profile drafting committee, a subset of the DCMI-Libraries Working Group.

The most recent version was prepared in August 2004 and incorporates decisions made by the DCMI Usage Board at its meetings in 2003 and issues discussed in the WG meeting in Seattle in September 2003. It has been reformatted in conformance with the Dublin Core Application Profile Guidelines produced by the CEN MMI-DC Workshop.

Current Documents

DC-Library Application Profile for Bibliographic Text Resources (revision Nov. 2010).

Related Activities