Copy of FreeGLUT's svn repo on sourceforge, for easy contribution
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This readme file applies to the git clone of FreeGLUT's svn repo on that is hosted on github. This is provided here to enable user to contribute easier.

Every effort is made to ensure that the git_master branch only progresses in a fastforward manner, but complete guarantees cannot be given as the trunk is at all times leading.

I will be unable to merge a pull request if the github clone is behind svn/trunk on Should you detect this, please contact me, maybe through making an issue here on github.

This copy of the svn repository was not created with git svn but with the excellent svn support of SmartGit.

Notes to self on how to work with this: Basic workflow upon receiving a pull request is as follows:

  • Merge pull request on github
  • pull in changes to my local clone of the git_master branch.
  • cherry pick the merged commits onto my local clone of the svn/trunk branch
  • push these commits to svn remote (this alters the commits in the local svn/trunk clone as extra meta data is added)
  • merge svn/trunk into local git_master
  • push merge commit to github (its fast forward!)