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Refactored BufferReader/Writer to their own files and removed unneces…

…sary operations (node always has FloatXXArray and browser buffer uses ieee anyway)
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dcodeIO committed Dec 18, 2016
1 parent 7939a4b commit 964f65a9dd94ae0a18b8be3d9a9c1b0b1fdf6424
@@ -487,8 +487,7 @@ Note that JSON is a native binding nowadays and as such is about as fast as it p
* Reader and writer interfaces configure themselves according to the environment to eliminate redundant conditionals.
* Node-specific reader and writer subclasses benefit from node's buffer binding.
* Reflection has built-in code generation that builds type-specific encoders, decoders and verifiers at runtime.
* Encoders and decoders do not verify that required fields are present (with proto3 this is dead code anyway). There is a `verify` method to check this manually instead - where applicable.
* For entirely bogus values encoders intentionally rely on runtime errors to be thrown somewhere down the road.
* Encoders and decoders do not implicitly call `verify` on messages to avoid unnecessary overhead where messages are already known to be valid. It's up to the user to call `verify` where necessary.
* Quite a bit of V8-specific profiling is accountable for everything else.
You can also run [the benchmark]( ...
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