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Docs: Added notes on CSP-restricted environments to README, see #593

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@@ -542,6 +542,7 @@ Compatibility
* Because the internals of this package do not rely on `google/protobuf/descriptor.proto`, options are parsed and presented literally.
* If typed arrays are not supported by the environment, plain arrays will be used instead.
* Support for pre-ES5 environments (except IE8) can be achieved by [using a polyfill](
* Support for [Content Security Policy]( environments (like Chrome extensions without [unsafe-eval]( can be achieved by generating and using static code instead.
* If you need a proper way to work with 64 bit values (uint64, int64 etc.), you can install [long.js]( alongside this library. All 64 bit numbers will then be returned as a `Long` instance instead of a possibly unsafe JavaScript number ([see](
**License:** [BSD 3-Clause License](

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