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Purely Functional Data Structures
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Purely Fun!

This is a playground for me to experiment with Haskell and Ocaml while reading through Chris Okasaki's book "Purely Functional Data Structures". I am also using Markus Mottl's work as a reference to this endeavor.

All code is translation from SML examples originally written by Chris Okasaki (c) 1998. Parts of the Ocaml translation are thanks to Markus's Mottl (c) 2009. All the rest is mine, (c) 2011. If you look at Markus's work it should be clear where in the Ocaml translation I borrowed from his code; if there's confusion I will happily clarify. (I really recommend reading his notes, he's done an excellent job!)

A Few Notes

I am working side by side in both Haskell and Ocaml to not only learn both languages, but also to review the differences between strict and lazy evaluation in languages. You'll probably note that the examples in Chapter 2 & 3 are not defined to be lazy, but as they exist in the Haskell translation are in fact lazy. The repercussions on the performance of these implementations due to the existence of lazy evaluation by default is not yet known to me. I have yet to decide if I should also produce strict Haskell versions of the code in these chapters.

I am making an effort to use the interface features of both languages in accordance with Okasaki's approach in SML. While this style is very common in Ocaml, I see much less use of custom type classes in most Haskell code.

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