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See INSTALL for instructions on configuring, building, and installing this
software.  See TODO for the to-do list.  See HACKING for information relevant
to anyone wanting to do development work on the bindings.

Supported Platforms

Most development work has been done on Linux with GCC, but the bindings should
work on other Unix-like platforms and with other compilers (we've heard success
stories for at least Mac OS X >= 10.3 and OpenBSD, and the tinderbox builds
pass "make check" on FreeBSD and NetBSD).

The Python bindings have been successfully built on Microsoft Windows using
Mingw and MSVC: the PHP bindings have been successfully build on Microsoft
Windows using MSVC.  The other bindings may need a few build tweaks to work
- contact us via the mailing lists if you want to get them working.

Supported Languages

Bindings for the following languages should be fully functional and ready
for real world use:

C#		Tested with Mono C# 2.6.7 recently.  Much older versions
		worked with Mono C# 1.0.8, 1.1.8, and Portable.NET
		0.6.12.  For Mono runtimes from 1.2 onwards, you need to
		compile with gmcs (instead of mcs) or you'll get segmentation
		faults at runtime.  The configure script prefers to use gmcs if
		Jit is present, but you can run `./configure CSC=mcs' to force
		use of mcs even if gmcs is also installed.

Java		Java bindings are generated with SWIG, as of Xapian 1.3.0.
		Recently tested with OpenJDK 1.6.0_18.  The minimum supported
		version isn't clear - the bindings use JNI, which was added in
		Java 2 (i.e. JDK 1.2), but we haven't recently tested with such
		old versions.

Lua		Requires Lua 5.1 or later.  Currently Lua support is
		experimental - the Lua API provided is likely to change to
		provide a more natural wrapping for iterators and some other

Perl		Perl XS bindings contributed by Alex Bowley and co-maintained
		by Olly Betts are available from CPAN (module Search::Xapian).
		SWIG-based Perl bindings were implemented by Kosei Moriyama in
		GSoC 2009, and made their debut in the 1.2.4 release.  The
		intention is that these will replace the XS bindings once we
		are satisfied they are stable.  The bindings here probably need
		Perl 5.8 or later.

PHP		Requires PHP >= 5.2 (older versions are no longer supported by
		the PHP developers).

Python		Requires Python 2.4 or later.  If you still need support for
		Python 2.3, use Xapian 1.2.x.  Python 3 support is under
		development, but not yet fully functional - see ticket#346
		for details:

Ruby		Requires Ruby 1.8 or later.  With Ruby 1.9.0, the testsuite
		fails due to a bug in the test/unit module, but applications
		using the bindings should work fine.  With Ruby 1.9.1, the
		testsuite passes.

Tcl		Requires Tcl 8.1 or later (Tcl 8.0 could be made to work
		without too much work, but versions 8.3 and earlier are no
		longer supported by the Tcl developers, so it doesn't make
		sense for us to expend effort to support them).

If you're interest in getting other languages supported, see the "Adding
support for other programming languages" section in the file HACKING.
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