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HTTP 418 server for responding with a short and stout response body to disambiguate HTTP-capable teapots from HTCPCP devices (RFC 2324 (1998) 2.3.2 Compliant).
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This is an HTTP Teapot Server used to avoid confusing HTTP-enabled teapots with HTCPCP devices on the same network. The HTTP Teapot Server will respond to HTTP or HTCPCP requests with the HTTP error code 418: I'm a teapot. For more information on the HTCPCP (based on HTTP), see RFC 2324 (1998). Chapter 2.3.2. outlines the use of this particular HTTP error code for the disambiguation of teapots from HTCPCP entities.

An implementation of TEA [1] is also included, to be used in future enhancements of this project.

For use with a teapot using a Raspberry Pi (or similar) controller.

Example use case (may also be used with shorter and stouter varieties):

This project requires libevent to build (on Debian/Rasbian one can normally use sudo apt-get install libevent-dev to install this dependency)

[1] Wheeler, D. Needham, R. TEA, a Tiny Encryption Algorithm. (1995)

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