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Easily build jQuery plugins out of constructors
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Easily build jQuery plugins out of constructors

bower install jquery-makeplugin

If I have a JavaScript class, like this:

var MyClass = function($container, options) {
    this.$container = $container;
    this.options = options;

$.extend(MyClass.prototype, {
    $: function(selector) {
        // Nifty this.$() shortcut to look up queries inside just this element
        return this.$container.find(selector);

    changeLinkColor: function(color) {
        this.$('a').css('color', color);

And I really want to make it work like this (like a standard-looking jQuery plugin):

$('#someElementByID').myPlugin({someOption: 42});
$('#someElementByID').myPlugin('changeLinkColor', 'red');

Then all I need to do is this (it even comes with default options!):

$.makePlugin('myPlugin', MyClass, {defaultOption: 'foo'});

If you don't want to expose all of the methods of MyClass to the plugin, you can throw in an extra argument to define the plugin's interface:

$.makePlugin('myPlugin', MyClass, {linkColor: 'red'}, {
    colorLinks: function($element) {
        return this.changeLinkColor(this.options.linkColor);

    customColor: function($element, color) {
        return this.changeLinkColor(color);

This will now only let these methods be exposed:

$('#someElementByID').myPlugin({linkColor: 'green'});
$('#someElementByID').myPlugin('colorLinks'); // change to green
$('#someElementByID').myPlugin('customColor', '#ff00ff'); // change to magenta

That's about all there is to it folks!

Also check out: jQuery-bridget which is kind of similar.

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