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Django basic LTI authentication (launch links) - Provider and Consumer
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A basic LTI authentication mechanism for django.

Tested with:

as both a provider and a consumer.

pip install blti

As a provider: see

from blti import lti_provider

def provider_view(request, post_params, consumer_key, *args, **kwargs):
    pass # your authenticated view here

N.B. to allow the embedding of your LTI provider in an iframe, you may need to disable django clickjacking protection (e.g. also using @xframe_options_exempt) when the "launch_presentation_document_target" parameter is set to "iframe".

set default options with:

import blti

    # this may be a callable or a dictionary-like object
	consumer_lookup = {
		'test_consumer': 'test_secret123'
	site_url = '', # your site URL (if set to None, Django will try to infer it from the request)
	require_post = True, # this view only accepts POST requests
	error_func = some_error_callable # the callable to use to handle errors. Defaults to HttpResponseForbidden
    allow_origin = '*' # the value for the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header

or pass them in:

import blti

def provider_view(request, post_params, consumer_key, *args, **kwargs):

As a consumer:

import blti

params = {
    'resource_link_id': 'unique value for the link',
    'resource_link_title': 'title of the link, e.g link text',
    'resource_link_description': 'description for the link',
    'user_id': 'some_user_id_123',
    'user_image': '',
    'roles' : 'Instructor',
    'lis_person_name_full': 'Some User',
    'lis_person_contact_email_primary': '',

    'context_id': 'course_id',
    'context_type': 'CourseSection',
    'context_title': 'Course on Stuff',

    # etc... for as many LTI params as required

url = ''

# this will be the same parameters, but with extra oauth and lti data, and the oauth_signature attached
post_data = blti.sign_launch_data(url, params, 'my consumer key', 'my consumer secret')
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