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set autowrite
set nofoldenable
"set nonu
"colorscheme koehler
" Tidy (cheap shot; would like a better plugin)
cabbr tidy %!tidy -q -i -ashtml<CR>
" Croz can't type:
iabbr descrube describe
" Buffer navigation: Next and Previous
noremap <C-N> :bn<CR>
noremap <C-P> :bp<CR>
" Search term highlighting on / off:
noremap <leader>hl :set hlsearch<CR>
noremap <leader>nhl :set nohlsearch<CR>
" Windowzizms:
" Run:
map <F5> ,r<CR>
" Save:
noremap <F2> :w<CR>
" ~/snip is a junk file; call it a customized clipboard
" Write to snip. Either uses current visual selection, or entire buffer
noremap \ws :w! ~/snip<cr>
" Read contents of snip into current buffer
noremap \rs :r ~/snip<cr>
" Edit the snip file
noremap \es :e ~/snip<cr>
" Append to the snip file
noremap \as :w! >> ~/snip<cr>
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