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Detect modern browser and device features.
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Extends Zepto.js with a detect and device objects. Each of which provides a quick and easy way to test a variety of browser client features, or device types. Allows you to easily detect HTML5 features or react to various device types.


Just call upon the property you need to test. Everything returns a boolean true or false.

EG- $.detect.indexDB; or $;


You can also open up the test.html file within the repository. This file has a simple output of all the properties being tested within this plugin. It will also show you whether or not your own browser has support for each of the tested features.


A majority of the tests within the detect object are from Mark Pilgrim's "Dive Into HTML5" section "The All-In-One Almost-Alphabetical No-Bullshit Guide to Detecting Everything."

You can find "Dive Into HTML5" here:

"Dive Into HTML5" is protected by (CC BY 3.0):

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