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Port of Atari's Warlords to Pebble watches. Pebble, Pebble Time, and Pebble Time Round supported.

Pebble Warlords Screenshot


Due to the acquisition of Pebble by Fitbit and uncertainty of the future of CloudPebble, it was decided to rely on a native installation of the Pebble SDK for compilation. And since I wanted to make this app as simple as possible and low-level, no 3rd party sdks/engines were used in tandem with the Pebble SDK.

  • Locally installed Pebble SDK. Instructions can be found here.


Installing with the Pebble SDK

Once you have the Pebble SDK installed, you can compile and install this app.

Before attempting any one of these actions, insure that you are in the parent directory of the project within your terminal program.

pebble build

This command will compile the project. If you are having any troubles or a previously compiled build needs to be removed, you can run pebble clean before building.

pebble install --phone <IP ADDR>

In order to install the app onto your pebble smartwatch, you will need to enable a developer connection to your watch through the pebble smartphone app. Details can be found here.

You can also run the app in the emulator that comes with the Pebble SDK by executing this command pebble install --emulator <EMULATOR>. You will need to enter in the type of watch that you desire to emulate. The available emulators are "aplite" for Classic/Steel, "basalt" for Time/Time Steel, "chalk" for Time Round, "diorite" for Pebble 2, and "emery" for Time 2. This app has been developed to support most, if not all, pebble watch configurations. For instance, in order to run the "chalk" emulator, the command would be pebble install --emulator chalk. More information on the specifics of each hardware platform can be found here.

Installing with the Pre-compiled Package

First, you will need to transfer the build/pebble-warlords.pbw file into an accessible directory on your smartphone. Open up a file manager program on your smartphone, find the package file that you transferred, and open that file with the Pebble app (in the list of "Open with..." choices, choose Pebble). The Pebble app should then open up with a prompt asking you if you'd like to "Load External App?" Select "OK". The pebble app should be successfully installed on your smartwatch.


Port of Atari's Warlords to Pebble watches. Pebble, Pebble Time, and PebbleTime Round supported.







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