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fatz Metronome API (#33)
Added Metronome V1 API support. 

* initial metronome getJob

* added create and delete

* updated generator to openapi-generator-cli:v4.0.0-beta3

* added usable example create list delete

* cleanup after rebase

* added V1GetJob

* added V1UpdateJob

* Add metronome REST functionality for OpenAPIs (#35)

* add metronome schemas, etc

* comment adjustments

* Use just MetronomeV1Error instead of MetronomeV1...

* bug fix: swagger

* bug fix: add parameter for post

* bug fixes: get schedule creation working

* remove new lines for consistency

* implement and test /service/metronome/v1/jobs/{jobId}/schedules/{scheduleId}

* implement and test /service/metronome/v1/jobs/{jobId}/runs

* implement/test /service/metronome/v1/jobs/{jobId}/runs/{runId}

* add /service/metronome/v1/jobs/{jobId}/runs/{runId}/actions/stop

* update gitignore to ignore binaries for examples

* type changes for bugs with metronome

* convert to object from array and rename to MetronomeV1JobSchedule

* convert MetronomeV1JobsList to array of MetronomeV1Job

* remove duplicate MetronomeV1Job

* end-to-end test for example

* change schema definition for env

* variable cleanup

* add oneOf for env.secret

* update openAPI generator to v4.0.2

* fixed examples to follow the new map[string]interface{} style

* added metronome env polymorphism. MetronomeV1EnvSecret can be used for secret env
Latest commit 9b3e182 Jun 24, 2019

DC/OS: Go Client

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⚠️ This project is still experimental and shouldn't be used in production yet. ⚠️

dcos-client-go is a library accessing the DC/OS API to provide clients for cluster operators. A working and up-to-date example using the clients is available in the file example.go.

Usage examples

Usage examples for the different DC/OS components can be found in the examples section.

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