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DC/OS Command Line Interface Build Status

The DC/OS Command Line Interface (CLI) is a cross-platform command line utility that provides a user-friendly yet powerful way to manage DC/OS clusters.

Installation and usage

If you're a user of DC/OS, please follow the installation instructions. Otherwise, follow the instructions below to set up your development environment.

Detailed help and usage information is available through the dcos help command and for specific subcommands through dcos <subcommand> --help.

Additional documentation for the CLI and for the DC/OS in general is available in the DC/OS docs.

Development setup


  1. git must be installed to download the source code for the DC/OS CLI.
  2. go 1.12+ or Docker.
  3. win-bash must be installed if you are using Windows in order to run setup scripts from the Makefile.


  1. Clone git repo for the dcos cli:

    git clone
  2. Change directory to the repo directory:

    cd dcos-cli
  3. Build the binary (using Docker):


    or Using Go (1.12+):

    export NO_DOCKER=1

Using the DC/OS CLI

The DC/OS CLI will be built in the directory build/<platform>/.

Running tests

Unit tests

make test

Integration tests

You need to have a running DC/OS cluster in order to run the integration tests. Using a Python virtual environment is recommended.

export DCOS_TEST_DEFAULT_CLUSTER_USERNAME=<username to access the cluster>
export DCOS_TEST_DEFAULT_CLUSTER_PASSWORD=<password to access the cluster>
export DCOS_TEST_DEFAULT_CLUSTER_HOST=<IP or domain of the cluster>
cd tests
pip install -r requirements.txt
pytest integration


Releasing a new version of the DC/OS CLI is done through an automated Jenkins build which is triggered automatically for new tags and on pushes to master.

The latest binaries (built from the latest tag) are published to:

The testing binaries (built from the master branch continuously) are published to:

The release proces is described here


Contributions are always welcome! Please refer to our contributing guidelines.

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