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DC/OS Vagrant

Quickly provision a DC/OS cluster on a local machine for development, testing, or demonstration.

Deploying DC/OS Vagrant involves creating a local cluster of VirtualBox VMs using the dcos-vagrant-box base image and then installing DC/OS.

Build Status

Issue Tracking

  • Issue tracking is in DCOS JIRA.
  • Remember to make a DC/OS JIRA account and login so you can get update notifications!

Quick Start

  1. Install Git, Vagrant, and VirtualBox

  2. Install vagrant-hostmanager plugin

    vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostmanager
  3. Clone, Configure, and Deploy

    git clone https://github.com/dcos/dcos-vagrant
    cd dcos-vagrant
    cp VagrantConfig-1m-1a-1p.yaml VagrantConfig.yaml
    vagrant up

    When prompted for a password, provide your local machine user password (modifies /etc/hosts).

  4. Access the GUI http://m1.dcos/

  5. Install the DC/OS CLI


For more detailed instructions, see Deploy and Configure.

DC/OS Versions

Official releases of DC/OS can be found at http://dcos.io/releases/

By default, DC/OS Vagrant uses the latest stable version of DC/OS.

To use a different stable or early access version, specify the version explicitly (must be in the list of known releases):

export DCOS_VERSION=1.9.0-rc1
vagrant up

To use a bleeding edge master, enterprise, or custom build, download the installer yourself, place it under the dcos-vagrant directory, and configure DC/OS Vagrant to use it:

export DCOS_GENERATE_CONFIG_PATH=dcos_generate_config-1.9.0-dev.sh
export DCOS_CONFIG_PATH=etc/config-1.9.yaml
vagrant up

DC/OS Vagrant Documentation

How Do I...?


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