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Official DC/OS Grafana dashboards
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DC/OS Grafana Dashboards

This repository is the home of the official DC/OS Grafana dashboards.

Contributing Dashboards

To contribute dashboards to this repository, you should export the dashboard json from Grafana via the Share dialog, which offers the option to export the dashboard as a json file. The Export for sharing externally option should be checked.

Dashboard titles should follow a standardized <Component>: <Description> format.

Release Branches

We keep track of a branch for each DC/OS release series (e.g., 1.12.x, 1.13.x, ...). This allows us to have different sets of dashboards for different DC/OS releases. Currently, we maintain the following branches:

  • 1.12.x (DC/OS 1.12)
  • 1.13.x (DC/OS 1.13)
  • master (DC/OS 1.14-dev)

Please make changes to the master branch first, and then backport changes to the corresponding branches if needed.

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