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Terraform scripts for
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Terraform scripts for

This repo holds Terraform scripts to create a

1, 3, or 5 master DCOS cluster on the provider.

With this method, the network is open by default. Because of this, network

security is a concern and should be addressed as soon as possible by the administrator.

To use:

Clone or download repo.

Copy sample.terraform.tfvars to terraform.tfvars and insert your variables.

Run terraform apply

Theory of Operation:

This script will start the infrastructure machines (bootstrap and masters), then collect their IPs to build an installer package on the bootstrap machine with a static master list. All masters wait for an installation script to be generated on the localhost, then receive that script. This script, in turn, pings the bootstrap machine whilst waiting for the web server to come online and serve the install script itself.

When the install script is generated, the bootstrap completes and un-blocks the cadre of agent nodes, which are cut loose to provision metal and eventually install software.

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