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Example code for Queues And The Giant beanstalkd Talk
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Queues And The Giant beanstalkd

This repository contains example code for the talk I gave on Queues and beanstalkd.

The 'simple' folder contains an absolutely bare bones worker architecture to demonstrate scaling with queues.

The 'twitter' folder contains a slightly more fleshed out exmaple of crawling Twitter user tweets.

To run the examples:

  • Install beanstalkd & launch beanstalkd
  • Install mongodb & launch mongod (for twitter example only)
  • Run php composer.phar install to installd dependencies
  • Run n copies of worker.php from a specificed example (ideally in separate terminal windows)
  • Run producer.php to inject jobs, watch the log outputs from the previous worker.php instances

For the twitter example you will need to copy /twitter/keys.json.dist to keys.json and fill in the values from

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