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The LaTeX source code to my "nice" resume.
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This is my resume!

You can find a mostly recently compiled version of my resume in the releases.

Building the Source

Mac Instructions

  • Install MacTex using brew cask install mactex
  • Confirm that pdflatex is in your path with which pdflatex.
  • If not, something along these lines should work cd /usr/local/bin && sudo ln -s /usr/texbin/pdflatex.
  • Compile the resume with pdflatex resume.tex.
  • Voila!

In Linux you just install a full TexLive (just to be safe) and follow the same instructions. For Windows... it's been so long I can be of no help. TexLive for Windows should help you out.


My licensing terms are thus: You are allowed to take my code whole-sale and produce your own resume. For obvious reasons you may not reuse any of the content (such as skills, etc) but do with the formatting as you will. If you use my source to build your resume, I would love a link to your resume to see what you did differently (usually better).

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