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Update readme to recommend StringScore

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## EditInPlace
Allows you to simply turn an element into a text box that disappears and calls a callback with the value after the user hits Tab or Enter.
## FuzzyString
-QuickSilver-like string matching, but on super steroids! So good that I can just think of an option and let my fingers hit the keyboard, and it STILL matches what I was thinking of as the best match.
+Archived due to performance issues. QuickSilver-like string matching. For
+production use try [String Score](
+FuzzyString is very nice except for the performance issue. If anyone is interested in String scoreing
+this would be a great project to fix up. The problem with FuzzyString is matching against longer strings.
+See [issue](
+Here's how FuzzyString works: [](
-Here's how it works: [](
## Input Placeholder
Keeps helper text in an input box as long as it's not focused and doesn't have some other value in it.
## QuickSelect

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