Extensions to rubygems to make it share well for several users on a virtual-host server.
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This extension to RubyGems adds the following capabilities:
  1) Gems are loaded from the Gem Path in order. The first location in the path that encounters a gem by the called name
      will answer the request for the latest version. If a specific version is asked for, each location will be searched
      in order for the first match.
  2) Freeze versions of gems for your app by running Gem.freeze(name, version). Or, use the built-in freeze list files:
      frozen_gems.txt in the runtime directory, or .frozen_gems in your user home directory. In those files simply list
      the gem names and version requirements to freeze to, like "merb-core ="

When installing this gem, the file operating_system.rb is placed into /path/to/rubygems/defaults/operating_system.