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The World's Most Code-Heavy Business Card

While unemployed for a couple of months back in the winter of 2012-13, I taught myself node.js by building a personal website from scratch. I have a scope problem, so by the time I got work again, the project had ballooned into a massive, generalized web app engine that was nowhere near finished enough to be useful to anybody for anything. The business card section was nearly complete, though, so I'm widgetizing it for embedding.

A couple of little open-source projects came out of it, like input-correction engine didyoumean.js, and a jQuery plugin for adding JavaScript hooks to your responsive CSS designs.

I'd originally planned to open-source the whole thing, because why not, and because I write better code when I think someone else is going to read it. So I'm following through on that. If you see something you like, feel free to poke around and see how it's done. Feel free to fire questions at me too. Being an incomplete project, there are lots of obvious issues with the code base though, so YMMV. Per the license, you can do anything you like with the code, as long as you mention where you got it, and as long as you don't make fun.


My wildly overengineered business card website/widget.




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