Developer Quick Start

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Prerequisites: Git, Go (1.1 of greater), Markdown, and Make
Recommended: Screen

You can develop on Ubuntu or Mac.

Ubuntu Developer Quick Start

Mac Developer Quick Start

Running Scramble

For local testing, you'll need to add the following line to /etc/hosts:

Then, clone the repo:

git clone

Compile and run:

cd scramble

This creates the default Scramble server configuration at ~/.scramble/config.json. You may have to edit it to specify your database password. You'll also need to paste in the Development Notary:

Run the server again.


Now you're running your own local server. Go to to try it out.

You should be able to create an account. You can send email to yourself. You can even send email to an outside address if your ISP allows outbound SMTP on port 25 -- but of course you can't receive the replies, since is not a real domain.

Happy hacking!

Coding style

  • Go
    • Standard formatting. Using gofmt before committing.
    • Write godoc.
    • Write tests.
    • Tabs, not spaces
  • Javascript
    • No semicolons at the end of the line.
    • Always use braces.
    • Write comments before each function.
    • We'll add jslint or something soon.
    • For javascript we'll use spaces.
  • Both languages
    • No lines over 80 characters. Unix line endings.
    • Use consisent prefixes and suffixes in variable names to avoid confusion. For example, plainSubject, cipherSubject, plainBody, cipherBody.

And to steal from the Zen of Python...

  • Explicit is better than implicit
  • Flat is better than nested
  • Beautiful is better than ugly

First pull request

You can make your first pull request in an hour or so!

Welcome aboard!