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-Just pop this file into `~/.vim/syntax/`.
-To enable syntax highlighting, use the command `:set syn=dcpu`.
-To automatically enable highlighting for DCPU-16 files, add the following to your `.vimrc`:
-`au BufNewFile,BufRead *.dc,*.dcpu setf dcpu`
-This enables DCPU-16 syntax highlighting for any files with the `.dc` or `.dcpu` extensions. (There's no official file extension yet, but something more specific than `.S` or `.asm` would be nice.)
+This enables DCPU-16 syntax highlighting for files with a `.dasm` or `.dasm16` extension.
+#How to Install
+1. Deploy these files into the first directory in your `runtimepath` in Vim.
+ * You can check what this directory is with the following command in Vim: `:echo split(&runtimepath, ',')[0]`
+ * For example, on a UNIX system this directory is usually `$HOME/.vim`
+2. Keep files in their directories.
+ * For example, `syntax/foo.vim` would go into `$HOME/.vim/syntax/foo.vim`
+3. Restart Vim and the syntax highlighting should work.
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-au BufNewFile,BufRead *.dc,*.dcpu setf dcpu
+au BufNewFile,BufRead *.dasm16,*.dasm setfiletype dcpu