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Community Resources

This is a list of external blog posts, tutorials and slides related to Celery. If you have a link that's missing from this list, please contact the mailing-list or submit a patch.


Who's using Celery


Celery questions on Stack Overflow

Mailing-list Archive: celery-users

IRC Logs


Celery: Mini Tutorial (Catalan)

Building a Django App Server with Chef

Introducció a Celery (Catalan)

Django and Celery - Death to Cron

Celery Tips

What's your favorite Django app?

Virtualenv Tips

10 Tools That Make Django Better

Distributed Task Locking in Celery

Celery — распределенные очереди задач на Python (Russian)

Подробнее о Celery (Russian)

Celery, RabbitMQ and sending messages directly.

Cron dentro do Django com Celery (Portugese)

RabbitMQとCeleryを使ってDjangoでジョブキューしてみる (Japanese)

Kaninchen & Schlangen: RabbitMQ & Python (German)

Celery - Eine asynchrone Task Queue (nicht nur) für Django (German)

Asynchronous Processing Using Celery (

"Massaging the Pony: Message Queues and You" (Djangocon 2010)

"Large problems, Mostly Solved" (Djangocon 2010)

A Simple Celery with Django How-To

Django and asynchronous jobs

Celery: добавляем параллелизм в Django (Russian)

Celery presentation at PyCon India 2010

celery, django and virtualenv playing nice.

Django Task Queueing with Celery

django-celery presentation at DJUGL 2010.

Django/Celery Quickstart (or, how I learned to stop using cron and love celery)

Using Python magic to improve the deferred API

How Celery, Carrot, and your messaging stack work

Large Problems in Django, Mostly Solved: Delayed Execution

Introduction to Celery

Awesome slides from when Idan Gazit had a talk about Celery at PyWeb-IL:

RabbitMQ, Celery and Django

Great Celery tutorial by Robert Pogorzelski at his blog "Happy Stream of Thoughts":

Message Queues, Django and Celery Quick Start

Celery tutorial by Rich Leland, the installation section is Mac OS X specific:

Background task processing and deferred execution in Django

Alon Swartz writes about celery and RabbitMQ on his blog:

Build a processing queue [...] in less than a day using RabbitMQ and Celery

Tutorial in 2 parts written by Tim Bull:

How to get celeryd to work on FreeBSD

Installing multiprocessing on FreeBSD isn't that easy, but thanks to Viktor Petersson we now have a step-to-step guide:

Web-based 3D animation software

Indy Chang Liu at ThinkingCactus uses Celery to render animations asynchronously (PDF):

Queued Storage Backend for Django

RabbitMQ with Python and Ruby