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Truncate ids in SQL IN clause #49

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sqlparse place each value in IN clause into separate line making queries generated by prefetch_related and batch_select unreadable.
This patch limits IN clause size to 5 values.


+1 - big annoyance here too

@coagulant coagulant referenced this pull request from a commit in coagulant/django-devserver
@coagulant coagulant Truncate ids in SQL IN clause eea3fe8
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Commits on Nov 19, 2011
  1. @lanior

    Truncate ids in SQL IN clause

    lanior authored
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@@ -30,7 +30,17 @@ def format(text, *args, **kwargs):
import re
_sql_fields_re = re.compile(r'SELECT .*? FROM')
_sql_aggregates_re = re.compile(r'SELECT .*?(COUNT|SUM|AVERAGE|MIN|MAX).*? FROM')
+_sql_in_numbers_re = re.compile(r'IN\s*\(([\d\s,]+)\)')
def truncate_sql(sql, aggregates=True):
+ def truncate_number_list(match):
+ numbers =',')
+ result = [x.strip() for x in numbers[:5]]
+ if len(numbers) > len(result):
+ result.append('...')
+ return u'IN (%s)' % (u', '.join(result))
+ sql = _sql_in_numbers_re.sub(truncate_number_list, sql)
if not aggregates and _sql_aggregates_re.match(sql):
return sql
return _sql_fields_re.sub('SELECT ... FROM', sql)
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