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is_endless param to template tag doesn't need the name #10

spacedman opened this Issue Aug 1, 2011 · 1 comment

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It looks from the docs like you do "per_page 25 is_endless False", but there's no reference to the "is_endless" name in the django template-sugar definition. Its just the variable:


so you need to do just "... per_page 25 False" to get the is_endless variable set to true. Not helped by a missing ] in the docstring :)

def paginate(context, queryset_or_list, request, asvar, per_page=25, is_endless=True):
"""{% paginate queryset_or_list from request as foo[ per_page 25][ is_endless False %}"""



This one bit me in 0.2.5. Doc updated needed?

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