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So far this just includes a log parser, and it only works with MySQL.


Create a database/user called "minecraft". If you want to use another value, modify parser as you see fit. Once created, run the following:

mysql -uminecraft -Dminecraft < sql/visitors.sql

Now pop open a screen session, via screen -s mclog. Since the script isn't daemonized this will keep it running after you close your terminal.

To start the log parser, use the following:

python /home/minecraft/server.log

Obviously replace the path with the precise path to your servers log.


Some sample queries, which we use on the Nibbits Minecraft site can be seen below.

Online members, sorted by duration online:

select name, unix_timestamp(now()) - unix_timestamp(date_joined) as duration
from mc_visitor
where date_left is null
order by duration desc;

All visitors, sorted by time played:

select name, count(*) as num, sum(unix_timestamp(ifnull(date_left, now())) - unix_timestamp(date_joined)) as duration,
  max(date_joined) as last_seen, min(date_joined) as first_seen
from mc_visitor
group by name
having duration > 5
order by duration desc, name