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@@ -4,14 +4,14 @@ Install
Create a database/user called "minecraft". If you want to use another value, modify parser as
-you see fit. Once created, run the following:
+you see fit. Once created, run the following::
mysql -uminecraft -Dminecraft < sql/visitors.sql
Now pop open a screen session, via `screen -s mclog`. Since the script isn't daemonized this will
keep it running after you close your terminal.
-To start the log parser, use the following:
+To start the log parser, use the following::
python /home/minecraft/server.log
@@ -22,14 +22,14 @@ Usage
Some sample queries, which we use on the Nibbits Minecraft site can be seen below.
-Online members, sorted by duration online:
+Online members, sorted by duration online::
select name, unix_timestamp(now()) - unix_timestamp(date_joined) as duration
from mc_visitor
where date_left is null
order by duration desc;
-All visitors, sorted by time played:
+All visitors, sorted by time played::
select name, count(*) as num, sum(unix_timestamp(ifnull(date_left, now())) - unix_timestamp(date_joined)) as duration,
max(date_joined) as last_seen, min(date_joined) as first_seen

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