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:copyright: (c) 2012 DISQUS.
:license: Apache License 2.0, see LICENSE for more details.
import contextlib
import mock
def mock_signal_receiver(signal, wraps=None, **kwargs):
Temporarily attaches a receiver to the provided ``signal`` within the scope
of the context manager.
The mocked receiver is returned as the ``as`` target of the ``with``
To have the mocked receiver wrap a callable, pass the callable as the
``wraps`` keyword argument. All other keyword arguments provided are passed
through to the signal's ``connect`` method.
>>> with mock_signal_receiver(post_save, sender=Model) as receiver:
>>> Model.objects.create()
>>> assert receiver.call_count = 1
if wraps is None:
wraps = lambda *args, **kwargs: None
receiver = mock.Mock(wraps=wraps)
signal.connect(receiver, **kwargs)
yield receiver
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