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:copyright: (c) 2012 DISQUS.
:license: Apache License 2.0, see LICENSE for more details.
import mock
from .query import QuerySetMock
__all__ = ('ManagerMock',)
class _ManagerMock(mock.MagicMock):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(_ManagerMock, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
parent = mock.MagicMock()
parent.child = self
self.__parent = parent
def _get_child_mock(self, **kwargs):
name = kwargs.get('name', '')
if name[:2] == name[-2:] == '__':
return super(_ManagerMock, self)._get_child_mock(**kwargs)
return self
def __getattr__(self, name):
result = super(_ManagerMock, self).__getattr__(name)
if result is self:
result._mock_name = result._mock_new_name = name
return result
def assert_chain_calls(self, *calls):
Asserts that a chained method was called (parents in the chain do not
matter, nor are they tracked).
>>> obj.assert_chain_calls(call.filter(foo='bar'))
>>> obj.assert_chain_calls(call.select_related('baz'))
all_calls = self.__parent.mock_calls[:]
not_found = []
for kall in calls:
except ValueError:
if not_found:
if self.__parent.mock_calls:
message = '%r not all found in call list, %d other(s) were:\n%r' % (not_found, len(self.__parent.mock_calls),
message = 'no calls were found'
raise AssertionError(message)
def ManagerMock(manager, *return_value):
Set the results to two items:
>>> objects = ManagerMock(Post.objects, 'queryset', 'result')
>>> assert objects.filter() == objects.all()
Force an exception:
>>> objects = ManagerMock(Post.objects, Exception())
def make_get_query_set(self, actual_model):
def _get(*a, **k):
return QuerySetMock(actual_model, *return_value)
return _get
actual_model = getattr(manager, 'model', None)
if actual_model:
model = mock.MagicMock(spec=actual_model())
model = mock.MagicMock()
m = _ManagerMock()
m.model = model
m.get_query_set = make_get_query_set(m, actual_model)
m.get = m.get_query_set().get
m.__iter__ = m.get_query_set().__iter__
m.__getitem__ = m.get_query_set().__getitem__
return m
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