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:copyright: (c) 2012 DISQUS.
:license: Apache License 2.0, see LICENSE for more details.
import mock
from .shared import SharedMock
__all__ = ('QuerySetMock',)
def QuerySetMock(model, *return_value):
Set the results to two items:
>>> objects = QuerySetMock(Post, 'return', 'values')
>>> assert objects.filter() == objects.all()
Force an exception:
>>> objects = QuerySetMock(Post, Exception())
Note that only methods returning querysets are currently
explicitly supported; since we use SharedMock, others all behave
as if they did, so use with caution:
>>> objects.count() == objects.all()
def make_get(self, model):
def _get(*a, **k):
results = list(self)
if len(results) > 1:
raise model.MultipleObjectsReturned
return results[0]
except IndexError:
raise model.DoesNotExist
return _get
def make_getitem(self):
def _getitem(k):
if isinstance(k, slice):
self.__start = k.start
self.__stop = k.stop
return list(self)[k]
return self
return _getitem
def make_iterator(self):
def _iterator(*a, **k):
if len(return_value) == 1 and isinstance(return_value[0], Exception):
raise return_value[0]
start = getattr(self, '__start', None)
stop = getattr(self, '__stop', None)
for x in return_value[start:stop]:
yield x
return _iterator
actual_model = model
if actual_model:
model = mock.MagicMock(spec=actual_model())
model = mock.MagicMock()
m = SharedMock()
m.__start = None
m.__stop = None
m.__iter__.side_effect = lambda: iter(m.iterator())
m.__getitem__.side_effect = make_getitem(m)
m.model = model
m.get = make_get(m, actual_model)
# Note since this is a SharedMock, *all* auto-generated child
# attributes will have the same side_effect ... might not make
# sense for some like count().
m.iterator.side_effect = make_iterator(m)
return m
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