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2ed5117 May 11, 2014
@tkaemming @boydjj @frewsxcv
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from django.dispatch import Signal
from mock_django.signals import mock_signal_receiver
# Python 2
from unittest2 import TestCase
except ImportError:
# Python 3
from unittest import TestCase
class MockSignalTestCase(TestCase):
def test_mock_receiver(self):
signal = Signal()
with mock_signal_receiver(signal) as receiver:
self.assertEqual(receiver.call_count, 1)
sentinel = {}
def side_effect(*args, **kwargs):
return sentinel
with mock_signal_receiver(signal, wraps=side_effect) as receiver:
responses = signal.send(sender=None)
self.assertEqual(receiver.call_count, 1)
# Signals respond with a list of tuple pairs [(receiver, response), ...]
self.assertIs(responses[0][1], sentinel)
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