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from django.db import models
from django.contrib.contenttypes.models import ContentType
import datetime
class ObjectTracker(object):
tracker = ObjectTracker(request.session)
tracker.has_viewed(instance, 'date_changed_field_name')
key_name = 'objtracker'
def __init__(self, session):
self.session = session
def set_date(self, date):
self.session.setdefault(self.key_name, {})['_date'] = date
def mark_as_viewed(self, instance):
ct = ContentType.objects.get_for_model(instance.__class__).id
ts =
if self.key_name not in self.session:
self.session[self.key_name] = {}
self.session[self.key_name].setdefault(ct, {})[] = ts
def mark_all_as_viewed(self, commit=True):
self.session[self.key_name] = {'_date':}
def has_viewed_raw(self, model_class, pk, date_value=None):
session = self.session.get(self.key_name)
if not session:
return False
# The last date that we say "everything before this has been seen"
last_date = self.session[self.key_name].get('_date')
ct = ContentType.objects.get_for_model(model_class).id
if ct in session:
last_date = session[ct].get(pk, last_date)
if not last_date or not date_value:
return False
return last_date > date_value
def has_viewed(self, instance, date_attr=None):
if date_attr:
date_value = getattr(instance, date_attr)
date_value = None
return self.has_viewed_raw(instance.__class__,, date_value)
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