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:copyright: 2012 DISQUS.
:license: Apache License 2.0, see LICENSE for more details.
import re
import sys
from pkg_resources import parse_version
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE
def check_requirements(requirement_files):
Given a list of requirements files, checks them against the installed
packages in the currentl environment. If any are missing, or do not fit
within the version bounds, exits with a code of 1 and outputs information
about the missing dependency.
version_re = re.compile(r'^([^<>=\s#]+)\s*(>=|>|<|<=|==)?\s*([^<>=\s#]+)?(?:\s*#.*)?$')
def parse_package_line(line):
package, compare, version = version_re.split(line)[1:-1]
except ValueError:
raise ValueError("Unknown package line format: %r" % line)
return (package, compare or None, parse_version(version) if version else None, line)
def valid_version(version, compare, r_version):
if not all([compare, version]):
return True
if compare == '==':
return version == r_version
elif compare == '<=':
return version <= r_version
elif compare == '>=':
return version >= r_version
elif compare == '<':
return version < r_version
elif compare == '>':
return version > r_version
raise ValueError("Unknown comparison operator: %r" % compare)
frozen_reqs = []
unknown_reqs = set()
listed_reqs = []
freeze = Popen(['pip freeze'], stdout=PIPE, shell=True)
for line in freeze.communicate()[0].splitlines():
line = line.strip()
if not line or line.startswith('-'):
for fname in requirement_files:
with open(fname) as fp:
for line in fp:
line = line.strip()
if not line or line.startswith('-'):
unknown_reqs.update(set(r[0] for r in frozen_reqs).difference(set(r[0] for r in listed_reqs)))
for r_package, r_compare, r_version, r_line in listed_reqs:
found = False
for package, _, version, line in frozen_reqs:
if found:
if package == r_package:
if not valid_version(version, r_compare, r_version):
print "Requirement %r was found in virtualenv, but is not a valid version" % r_package
print "Found %r, but expected %r" % (line, r_line)
return 0
found = True
if not found:
print "Requirement %r not found in virtualenv." % r_package
print "You must correct your environment before committing (and running tests)."
if unknown_reqs:
print ""
print "For debugging purposes, the following unrecognized requirements were found:"
print ""
print "\n".join(sorted(unknown_reqs))
return 1
return 0
def main():
file_list = sys.argv[1:]
if not file_list:
print "Usage: piplint <requirements.txt>"
if __name__ == '__main__':
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