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Raven-java is a Java client for Sentry. It is a basic log4j appender that will send your log messages to a sentry server of your choice.

This is a very raw project at the moment it still needs some more TLC and testing before I would consider it production ready.


You'll need Maven 2 to build the project:

$ cd raven-java
$ mvn package -Dmaven.test.skip

The last step will build the standalone raven-java jar file but also a jar file containing raven-java and all dependencies, which you'll find in the target directory of the project.

Option 1: add raven-java as a dependency when you're using Maven:


Option 2: add the plain jar and the jar files of all dependencies to your classpath

Option 3: add the self contained jar file to your classpath

Log4J configuration

Check out src/test/java/resources/log4j_configuration.txt where you can see an example log4j config file.

You will need to add the SentryAppender and the sentry_dsn properties.


You will get this value from the "Projects / default / Manage / Member: <username>" page. It will be under "Client DSN". Don't put quotes around it, because it will mess it up, just put it like you see it below.

Log4j Config example:



If you need to use a proxy for HTTP transport, you can configure it as well:


Sentry Versions Supported

This client supports Sentry protocol version 2.0 (which is Sentry >= 2.0)


If you want to generate the javadocs for this project, simply run mvn javadoc:javadoc and you'll be able to browse the docs from the target directory of the project.


  • Create better documentation
  • Add more unit tests
  • Add more examples
  • Get compression to work on message body, it isn't working now, not sure if it is sentry server or raven-java. Might be incompatible versions of zlib Java->python.


  • 0.3
    • Added Maven support
    • Merged with log4sentry project by Kevin Wetzels
    • Added Proxy support
    • Added full stack trace to logs
  • 0.2
    • code refactor and cleanup
  • 0.1
    • initial version


  • Ken Cochrane (@KenCochrane)
  • Kevin Wetzels (@roambe)