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Selenium driver for Sauce OnDemand
Python JavaScript
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Nearly drop-in replacement for selenium driver in Python which allows easy integration with Sauce OnDemand.

For more information about Sauce OnDemand, please visit their website:


Installation is easy using pip or setuptools:

pip install selenium-saucelabs-python


Integration is almost identical to the selenium driver:

import saucelabs

selenium = saucelabs.Selenium(host='', port='80', browser=saucelabs.FIREFOX,
                              sauceUsername=USERNAME, sauceApiKey=API_KEY)

The following variables may be passed to the constructor:

  • host
  • port
  • browser
  • sauceUsername
  • sauceApiKey
  • sauceDomain
  • sauceConnect: defaults to 'sauce_connect'; path to sauce connect binary
  • os: defaults to LINUX
  • browserVersion: defaults to ''
  • build: defaults to None
  • customData: defaults to {}

The setJobInfo api is also available within the driver:

selenium.setJobInfo(name='foo', tags=['a', 'b', 'c'], passed=True)

For more information, see the small amount of code in saucelabs/, and saucelabs/

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