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:copyright: (c) 2010 by the Sentry Team, see AUTHORS for more details.
:license: BSD, see LICENSE for more details.
import re
import sys
from sentry import app
from sentry.utils import transform
__all__ = ('BaseEvent', 'Exception', 'Message', 'Query')
class BaseEvent(object):
def to_string(self, data):
raise NotImplementedError
def get_data(self, **kwargs):
return {}
def get_tags(self, **kwargs):
return []
def capture(self, **kwargs):
# tags and culprit are special cased and not stored with the
# default metadata
return {
'culprit': None,
'tags': self.get_tags(**kwargs),
self.interface: self.get_data(**kwargs),
class Exception(BaseEvent):
Exceptions store the following metadata:
- value: 'My exception value'
- type: 'module.ClassName'
- frames: a list of serialized frames (see _get_traceback_frames)
- template: 'template/name.html'
interface = 'sentry.interfaces.Exception'
def to_string(self, data):
if data['value']:
return '%s: %s' % (data['type'], data['value'])
return data['type']
def get_event_hash(self, type, value, **kwargs):
# TODO: Need to add in the frames without line numbers
return [type, value]
def capture(self, exc_info=None, **kwargs):
if exc_info is None:
exc_info = sys.exc_info()
exc_type, exc_value, exc_traceback = exc_info
tags = [('level', 'error')]
culprit = self._get_culprit(exc_info[2])
if hasattr(exc_type, '__class__'):
exc_module = exc_type.__class__.__module__
if exc_module == '__builtin__':
exc_type = exc_type.__name__
exc_type = '%s.%s' % (exc_module, exc_type.__name__)
exc_module = None
exc_type = exc_type.__name__
# if isinstance(exc_value, TemplateSyntaxError) and hasattr(exc_value, 'source'):
# origin, (start, end) = exc_value.source
# result['template'] = (origin.reload(), start, end,
# result['tags'].append(('template', origin.loadname))
return {
'culprit': culprit,
'tags': tags,
'sentry.interfaces.Exception': {
'value': transform(exc_value),
'type': exc_type,
'sentry.interfaces.Stacktrace': {
'frames': self._get_traceback_frames(exc_traceback)
def _iter_tb(self, tb):
while tb:
# support for __traceback_hide__ which is used by a few libraries
# to hide internal frames.
if tb.tb_frame.f_locals.get('__traceback_hide__'):
yield tb
tb = tb.tb_next
def _get_lines_from_file(self, filename, lineno, context_lines, loader=None, module_name=None):
Returns context_lines before and after lineno from file.
Returns (pre_context_lineno, pre_context, context_line, post_context).
source = None
if loader is not None and hasattr(loader, "get_source"):
source = loader.get_source(module_name)
if source is not None:
source = source.splitlines()
if source is None:
f = open(filename)
source = f.readlines()
except (OSError, IOError):
if source is None:
return None, [], None, []
encoding = 'ascii'
for line in source[:2]:
# File coding may be specified. Match pattern from PEP-263
# (
match ='coding[:=]\s*([-\w.]+)', line)
if match:
encoding =
source = [unicode(sline, encoding, 'replace') for sline in source]
lower_bound = max(0, lineno - context_lines)
upper_bound = lineno + context_lines
pre_context = [line.strip('\n') for line in source[lower_bound:lineno]]
context_line = source[lineno].strip('\n')
post_context = [line.strip('\n') for line in source[lineno+1:upper_bound]]
return lower_bound, pre_context, context_line, post_context
def _get_culprit(self, traceback):
# We iterate through each frame looking for a deterministic culprit
# When one is found, we mark it as last "best guess" (best_guess) and then
# check it against SENTRY_EXCLUDE_PATHS. If it isnt listed, then we
# use this option. If nothing is found, we use the "best guess".
def contains(iterator, value):
for k in iterator:
if value.startswith(k):
return True
return False
if app.config['INCLUDE_PATHS']:
modules = app.config['INCLUDE_PATHS']
modules = []
best_guess = None
for tb in self._iter_tb(traceback):
frame = tb.tb_frame
culprit = '.'.join([frame.f_globals['__name__'], frame.f_code.co_name])
if contains(modules, culprit):
if not (contains(app.config['EXCLUDE_PATHS'], culprit) and best_guess):
best_guess = culprit
elif best_guess:
return best_guess
def _get_traceback_frames(self, tb):
frames = []
for tb in self._iter_tb(tb):
filename = tb.tb_frame.f_code.co_filename
function = tb.tb_frame.f_code.co_name
lineno = tb.tb_lineno - 1
loader = tb.tb_frame.f_globals.get('__loader__')
module_name = tb.tb_frame.f_globals.get('__name__')
pre_context_lineno, pre_context, context_line, post_context = self._get_lines_from_file(filename, lineno, 7, loader, module_name)
if pre_context_lineno is not None:
'id': id(tb),
'filename': filename,
'module': module_name,
'function': function,
'lineno': lineno + 1,
# TODO: vars need to be references
'vars': tb.tb_frame.f_locals,
'pre_context': pre_context,
'context_line': context_line,
'post_context': post_context,
'pre_context_lineno': pre_context_lineno + 1,
return frames
class Message(BaseEvent):
Messages store the following metadata:
- message: 'My message from %s about %s'
- params: ('foo', 'bar')
interface = 'sentry.interfaces.Message'
def to_string(self, data):
return data['message'] % tuple(data.get('params', ()))
def get_event_hash(self, message, params=(), **kwargs):
return [message] + list(params)
def get_data(self, message, params=(), **kwargs):
return {
'message': message,
'params': params,
class Query(BaseEvent):
Messages store the following metadata:
- query: 'SELECT * FROM table'
- engine: 'postgesql_psycopg2'
interface = 'sentry.interfaces.Query'
def to_string(self, data):
return data['query']
def get_event_hash(self, query, engine, **kwargs):
return [query, engine]
def get_data(self, query, engine, **kwargs):
return {
'query': query,
'engine': engine,