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import datetime
class Timeline(object):
def __init__(self, connection=None, bucket="timelines", order='desc',
self.connection = connection
self.bucket = bucket
self.order = order
self.max_items = max_items
def get_connection(self):
return self.connection
def get_bucket(self):
return self.connection.bucket(self.bucket)
def _datetime_to_js(self, dt):
return int(dt.strftime("%s") + dt.strftime("%f")[:3])
def _merge_two(self, obj1, obj2):
Merges two data dictionaries, respecting the one with the most recent
modified time per item.
for uniq_ident in obj2.keys():
if (uniq_ident not in obj1) \
or (obj1[uniq_ident]['modified'] \
< obj2[uniq_ident]['modified']):
obj1[uniq_ident] = obj2[uniq_ident]
return obj1 # self._dict_to_list(obj1)
def _list_to_dict(self, l):
if not l: return {}
d = {}
for o in l:
d[o['id']] = o
return d
def _dict_to_list(self, d):
if not d: return []
l = d.values()
reverse = self.order == 'desc'
l.sort(key=lambda x: x['score'], reverse=reverse)
return l
def _list_to_data(self, l):
Coerces a list of timeline objects into the data the user cares about.
return [o.get('data', None) or o.get('id')
for o in l
if not o.get('deleted', False)]
def _get_obj_and_data(self, key, write_merged=True):
Returns RiakObject with proper vclock set and dictionary of merged entries.
NOTE: The data on the object itself should not be used, the object is
returned only so it can be used later for updates.
bucket = self.get_bucket()
obj = bucket.get(key)
data = [self._list_to_dict(o.get_data()) for o
in obj.get_siblings()
if o.get_data() is not None]
# if we have no data or only 1 sibling we can safetly return
# it without merging
if len(data) == 0:
return obj, {}
elif len(data) == 1:
return obj, data[0]
resolved_data = reduce(self._merge_two, data)
# NOTE: is this really the only way to fix a conflict in the
# python riak library?
obj._vclock = obj.get_sibling(0).vclock()
if write_merged:
return obj, resolved_data
def get(self, key, raw=False):
Returns timeline as list.
# TODO: Optimize this so we don't have to coerce
# list->dict->list for the common case.
result = self._dict_to_list(self._get_obj_and_data(key)[1])
if raw:
return result
return self._list_to_data(result)
def _make_op(action):
assert action in ('add', 'delete')
def _op(self, key, uniq_ident, obj_score, obj_data=None, raw=False):
now = self._datetime_to_js(datetime.datetime.utcnow())
obj, data = self._get_obj_and_data(key, write_merged=False)
if isinstance(obj_score, datetime.datetime):
obj_score = self._datetime_to_js(obj_score)
new_item = {'id': uniq_ident,
'score': obj_score,
'modified': now}
if obj_data:
new_item['data'] = obj_data
if action == 'delete':
new_item['deleted'] = True
existing = data.get(uniq_ident, None)
if existing:
if existing['modified'] < now:
data[uniq_ident] = new_item
data[uniq_ident] = new_item
timeline = self._dict_to_list(data)[:self.max_items]
if raw:
return timeline
return self._list_to_data(timeline)
return _op
add = _make_op("add")
delete = _make_op("delete")