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15c9936 @ska80 Added Common Lisp translations
ska80 authored
1 Example Contributors
2 --------------------
34ccaac @hintjens Fixed conflict
hintjens authored
4de9ac6 @hintjens Updated contributors file
hintjens authored
4 Pieter Hintjens <> (C, Python)
5 Martin Sustrik <> (C++)
6 Olivier Chamoux <> (C++)
7 Naveen Chawla <> (Java)
8 Nicola Peduzzi <> (Java)
9 Hunter Ford <> (Python)
34ccaac @hintjens Fixed conflict
hintjens authored
10 Mike Castleman <> (Ruby)
2da790b @briandorsey Translated to Python
briandorsey authored
11 Brian Dorsey <> (Python)
f9e5016 @rwdim Hello World , in C#
rwdim authored
12 Randy Dryburgh <> (C#)
5c4d14b @ericdes Added wuclient example
ericdes authored
13 Eric Desgranges <> (C#)
a2be005 @hintjens Updated CONTRIBUTORS
hintjens authored
14 Kamil Shakirov <> (Common Lisp, C, C++)
44aade0 Added Ruby example
Bill Desmarais authored
15 Bill Desmarais <> (Ruby)
7eb05bf @hintjens Added Piero Cornice
hintjens authored
16 Piero Cornice <> (Python)
09bc4c9 @hintjens Added John Unwin to list of contributors
hintjens authored
17 John Unwin <> (C#)
fe4892a @hintjens Added Alec Thomas as contributor (Go)
hintjens authored
18 Alec Thomas <> (Go)
0c15e4e @hintjens Added Jay McCarthy
hintjens authored
19 Jay McCarthy <> (Racket)
440f377 @hintjens Added Lev Givon
hintjens authored
20 Jeremy Avnet <> (Python)
21 Lev Givon <> (Python)
4060389 @hintjens Added new C# API examples
hintjens authored
22 Michael Compton <>
d29b1b8 @hintjens Added Kamil Kisiel as contributor
hintjens authored
23 Kamil Kisiel <Kamil Kisiel> (Python)
5cdbef1 @hintjens Added Mark Kharitonov as contributor
hintjens authored
24 Mark Kharitonov <>
829c145 @hintjens Added Ian Barber and Guillaume Aubert
hintjens authored
25 Guillaume Aubert <> (Python)
26 Ian Barber <> (PHP)
c83898b Added Mike Sheridan as contributor
Pieter Hintjens authored
27 Mike Sheridan <> (C#)
2f65286 Added Faruk Akgul as contributor
Pieter Hintjens authored
28 Faruk Akgul <> (Java)
6fdd666 Added Oleg Sidorov as contributor
Pieter Hintjens authored
29 Oleg Sidorov <> (Ruby)
b606ee4 Updated contributors list
Pieter Hintjens authored
30 Lev Givon <> (Python)
baa2c10 @hintjens Added rtdealer in Java, by Allister MacLeod
hintjens authored
31 Allister MacLeod <> (Java)
b2aa560 @hintjens Updated CONTRIBUTORS file
hintjens authored
33 Errata and Suggestions
34 ----------------------
36 Martin Sustrik
37 Gonzalo Diethelm
38 Zed Shaw
39 Guido Goldstein
40 Oliver Smith
41 Pierre Rouleau
42 Peter Alexander
e92100f @hintjens
hintjens authored
43 Daniel Lin
2f65286 Added Faruk Akgul as contributor
Pieter Hintjens authored
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